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Review Policy

Dear Authors/Publishers

* Sorry! I am currently not accepting review requests. 

Thank you for visiting Vivaciously, Vivian! I accept books for review that follow the points listed below. Feel free to contact me about author interviews, cover reveals, or giveaways as well. As much as I'd love to read and review every request, being a student has limited my abilities to do that. Therefore, please note that not every review request will be accepted.
Please send your requests to: vivianli.0610@yahoo.ca
Other places you may contact me: GoodReads

Before sending in a request, feel free to check out some of the reviews I already have posted.

Accepting: books that I will 100% consider for reviewing
  • Physical copies only (I don't own an e-reader for now.)
  • ARCs or finished copies
My book reviews contain: any other add-ons, such as trailers, etc., please mention in request
  • Book cover
  • Rating out of 5 (more info below)
  • Information: title, author, publication year/publisher
  • GoodReads summary and link
  • A completely honest review
  • If sent for a request, the source
Posting Information: I will do my best to post an informative review in a timely manner or as by a suggested deadline. Reviews are usually posted about a month prior to the release date. However, if a requested deadline is unable to be met, I usually refuse the review request.
      About My Reviews: I write each review with due respect to the author. 

      My reviews are posted on my blog, GoodReads, and updated on Twitter. (Amazon to come)

      I understand the effort that an author may have spent on a book and my reviews are merely an honest, well-meant opinion of my experience with the book. Should the review be a negative one, I will always justify my points clearly and fairly. I never include spoilers in my reviews either, and leave all plot descriptions to the summary.
      About My Ratings: all rated out of a total of 5; half stars are used

      1 ✰ - I did not enjoy this book. It contained many major issues that bothered me.
      2 ✰✰ - This book was an adequate to average read. There were bumps through the ride, but I still made it through and it is overall okay.
      3 ✰✰✰ - A great, above-average read that was very entertaining. I liked it!
      4 ✰✰✰✰ - Wonderfully written, with strong feelings felt during the journey. A recommend-worthy book that will stay in my head for a while.
      5 ✰✰✰✰✰ - A keepsake to buy! I loved everything about this book and felt like it was absolutely near-perfect in almost any sense. Definite recommendation.

      Thanks again for visiting and for your interest, and I truly hope you found something worth reading!