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May 1, 2012

Awards #2 ~ One Last Time

 2 Things! Firstly, thank you to all of you super sweet lovelies for being so generous as to tag me for an award. I am SO behind for so many of them, so secondly, I wanted to apologize for putting so many of these awards off. I bet many of you are going to see that I'm thanking you for an award and you're not going to even remember, eek.

I really appreciate the intentions of you guys sharing awards with me, and I like to pass it on to people who deserve them as well. However, ever since my very first awards post, I've been combining the questions and recipients due to time restraints since I cannot possibly answer every question!! >_< I'm SO SORRY!!!!

Therefore, Vivaciously, Vivian is now (unfortunately) slipping into the Award-Free zone.

So get ready for a blast of more Vivi-Facts!!!-audience falls asleep-

As for nominations, due to the ridiculous nature of this post, leave a thoughtful comment for me to consider yourself officially nominated for either of the awards. (and of course, Liebster Blog only if you have less than 200 followers ^_^)